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The Museum School Museum School San Diego

The Museum School, located at 211 Maple, serves Downtown children in K through grade 8.

Their mission statement is to celebrate, nurture, and enhance the abilities of all participants through experiential, project-oriented applied learning; to use the wealth of resources at the Children’s Museum and throughout San Diego to provide direct learning opportunities; and to serve an intercultural community.

For more information on The Museum School, visit museumschool.org, or email Director Phil Beaumont at phil@museumschool.org.

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Urban Discovery Academy San Diego

Urban Discovery Academy

Urban Discovery Academy is a dynamic, high quality school (K through grade 8) that excels academically as well as civically. It's a school that is all about educating the whole child - scholar, athlete, artist, and democratic member of the urban community.

Additionally, the Academy offers a pre-school program. It’s a fun and friendly learning environment that will help children build core skills to prepare them for success in Kindergarten.

Urban Discovery Academy is located at 2850 6th, just outside of Downtown in the Hillcrest neighborhood.

For more information about Urban Discovery Academy, visit www.urbandiscoveryacademy.com, or email Cynthia Kelley at ckelley@urbandiscoveryacademy.com.

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Washington ElementaryWashington Elementary School

Washington Elementary offers enrollment for students K through grade 5.

Washington Elementary is the second oldest school in San Diego County and has deep ties to Little Italy. For more information about Washington Elementary School, visit www.sandi.net/washington.

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KIPP San DiegoKIPP Adelante Preparatory Academy

KIPP Adelante Preparatory Academy (KIPP Adelante) is located at 611 Beech Street in the Cortez Neighborhood and is a nonprofit public charter school.  

KIPP Adelante serves 5th through 8th grade students with a mission to ensure that their students develop the academic skills, strong intellectual habits, and character traits that will lead them on to successful furtures at top quality high schools, colleges, and the competitive world beyond.

KIPP Adelante is an affiliate of the nationally recognized Knowledge is Power Program (KIPP), which is a network of free open enrollment college preparatory public schools in under resourced communities throughout the United States.

For more information on KIPP Adelante Preparatory Academy, visit www.kippadelante.org.

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KingChavezKing/Chavez Community High School

King/Chavez Community High School (9th and 10th graders) is located at 201 A St and (11th and 12th graders) at 1010 2nd Avenue #200). It is a non-profit public charter school.

The organization's mission is: "We seek excellence in academics, arts, and athletics from a foundation of love."

For more information on King/Chavez Community High School, visit www.kingchavez.net.

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San Diego High Educational Complex CaversSan Diego High Educational Complex

School of Science and Technology (SciTech)

SciTech strives to make education exciting by making science and technology meaningful and incorporating it into daily practice. Unique classes like marine biology and web design are offered to achieve this purpose. The school’s affiliation with outside technology, nursing, and transportation programs, and the school’s ownership of the yearbook class also help students immerse themselves in the science and technology field.

San Diego High Educational Complex - School of BusinessSchool of Business
“ Producing the business leaders of tomorrow, one student at a time.” The School of Business promotes “business-related fields” by offering exclusive business classes and programs. Classes offered include: business management and ownership, accounting, event planning, and sales and marketing. The School of Business also houses three very enriching programs: the Academy of Finance, Culinary Arts Management, and Real Estate & Mortgage.

San Diego High Educational Complex - CIMASchool of Communication Investigations in a Multicultural Atmosphere (CIMA)
CIMA promotes biliteracy and multiculturalism through extensive language immersion and a focus on globalism. Communication, international tourism, marketing, media and technology are CIMA’s main objectives to be able to succeed in a global society. They strive to achieve standard academic requirements, but with an awareness and understanding of other cultures.

San Diego High Educational Complex - International StudiesSchool of International Studies (IS)
The School of International Studies focuses on bringing an international perspective to course study. Two extensive and prestigious magnet programs are administered through this school: the International Baccalaureate (IB) program (a rigorous 2 year curriculum that is comparable to the 1st year of college) and the Writing Academy. Writing is extremely emphasized and incorporated into all courses.

San Diego High Educational Complex - School of Media, Visual and Performing ArtSchool of Media, Visual and Performing Arts Academy (MVPA)
Do you have a passion for singing, dancing, acting, or drawing? MVPA offers an art-enriched curriculum. They offer extensive instruction on art, dance, drama, music, computer graphics, and broadcasting. Supported by partnerships with outside arts organizations, MVPA students study cultural influences and focus on originality and individual development.

San Diego High Educational Complex - School of LEADSSchool of LEADS (Lead, Explore, Achieve, Discover and Serve)
School of LEADS encourages the integration of the learning environment in the school through the community. The school prepares students for careers in teaching, social work, government leadership, medical services, and other disciplines through exclusive classes in public speaking, developmental psychology of children, career and life management or organizational management.

For more information on San Diego High Education Complex, visit www.sdhs.sandi.net.

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Garfield High SchoolGarfield High School

Garfield High School is located on 16th and B Streets, just east of the San Diego City College campus.

The staff, at this alternative high school, works closely with City College personnel to ensure Garfield High students complete their high school education and successfully make the transition to post-secondary education.

For more information on Garfield High School, visit www.sandi.net/garfield.

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San Diego City College Downtown
San Diego City College

1313 Park Blvd

Thinking of expanding your knowledge? Take a class at San Diego City College. It’s only $46 a unit!

For more information on San Diego City College, visit www.sdcity.edu.

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