Welcome to Viva-city and Downtown San Diego
Sandra Simmons

Life in the City



-by Sandra Simmons


Over the years, many aspects of living in the city have been explored. Enjoy reading the transformation of San Diego Downtown and the views of its residents.


Can love bring us together?

How many degrees separate me from you?

When it comes to creating a community, how creative can the creative be?

If the “Circulator” was free, would cars be out of circulation?

When will conveniences become convenient?

Can we have distinguished yet united neighborhoods?

How can we make space for desirable spaces?

When is public land no longer public?

Can time truly be stopped?

When is the past past? When is it time to let go?

Can our voices be heard?

When does living well mean taking a chance?

Can a smile to a neighbor bring world peace?

Is beauty love at first sight, striking us the moment we behold it?

When does culture cultivate culture?

In a cosmopolitan city, what form does intimacy take?

Are we redefining life in a world-class city?

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