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Neighborhood - Little Italy


Little Italy San Diego

This neighborhood is a thriving community full of art and culture, warm coffee houses, authentic Italian restaurants, and shops overflowing with artesians and antiques.

Bells can be heard from the neighborhood church, and people can be seen both at work and play at any time of the day.

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Where we Live

1631 State Street 1631 State 1997 Apartment
350 West Ash 350 West Ash 2005 Condominium
Acqua Vista 425 West Beech 2004 Condominium
Allegro Towers 1455 Kettner 2005 Apartment
Aperture 1494 Union 2007 Condominium
Bayview Motel & Apartments 1835 Columbia 2008 Apartment
Bella Via 1608 India 2003 Condominium
Billboard Lofts 320 West Ash 2003 Live Work Loft Rental
Breeza 1431 Pacific Hwy 2008 Condominium
Camden Tuscany 1670 Kettner 2003 Apartment
Cedar Lofts 691 West Cedar 1997 Live Work Loft Rental
Columbia and Fir Lofts 602 West Fir 1992 Condominium
Columbia Elm Lofts 1805 Columbia 2001 Live Work Loft Rental
Current 1551 Union 2007 Apartment
Date Street Townhomes 343 West Date 2002 Condominium
doma Lofts and Townhomes 1750 & 1780 Kettner 2003 Condominium
Dutra Brown Building 680 West Beech 1998 Live Work Loft Rental
Ecco Lofts 1918 Columbia 2006 Condominium
Essex Lofts 1910 State 2002 Live Work Loft Rental
Finestra Lofts 1949 India 2007 Condominium
Harbor Arms 1502 India 1998 Live Work Loft Rental
Hawthorn Place 801 West Hawthorn 2004 Condominium
Il Palazzo 2040 Columbia 2004 Apartment
Kettner Row 1505 - 1595 Kettner 2001 Rowhomes
LaVita 300 West Beech & 1580 Union 2005 Condominium
Little Italy  Lofts 1526 India 2001 Live Work Loft Rental
Lusso Lofts 1601 Kettner 2001 Condominium
Merrimac Building 640 West Beech 1998 Live Work Loft Rental
Porta d'italia 1970 Columbia 2004 Condominium
Portico 1435 India 2004 Condominium
Porto Siena 1601 India 2002 Condominium
The State 419 West Cedar 2000 Condominium
The Waterfront 941 West Hawthorn 2001 Condominium
Titan 1944 State 2003 Condominium
Victorian House 1632 Union 2003 Condominium
Villa Caterina 1654 Columbia 1989 Apartment
Villa Maria 1528 India 1999 Apartment
Village Walk 1501 India 2002 Condominium


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Where we Learn

Col Solomon Child Development Ctr (Private ages 2 thru 4 years) 1789 State St
Monarch High (Private homeless and at-risk 9 thru 12) 808 West Cedar
Monarch School (Private homeless and at-risk 2 thru 8) 808 West Cedar
Washington Elementary (Public preschool thru 5) 1789 State


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Where we Worship

Casa De Oracion Iglesia Cristiana 201 Fir
Our Lady of the Rosary Catholic Church 1659 Columbia


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Where we are Entertained

ArtWalk 734 West Beech Art festival throughout the streets of Little Italy in April


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Where we Enjoy

Amici Park Date between Union & State
County Administration Gardens East side of Admin Building on Pacific Hwy


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Where we are Inspired

2000 Chalk La Strada Mural East side of India between Date & Fir
2001 Chalk La Strada Mural West side of India between Hawthorn & Ivy
2002 Chalk La Strada Mural West side of India between Date & Fir

2003 Chalk La Strada Mural

North east corner of India & Fir

2004 Chalk La Strada Mural North wall of Bella Via, west side of  India between Cedar & Fir
Little Italy Banners


Banners Lining Little Italy

The Little Italy Association and Supervisor Ron Roberts are proud to honor Italian American Baseball Players and their contribution to the great all American sport of baseball.

This is just one of the many banner programs that not only bring attention and identity to Little Italy, but celebrate the rich culture of the Italian heritage.

The banner program will be installed by Opening Day (Monday, April 3rd) and will honor 50 different Italian American players.

Celebrazione Little Italy


Celebrazione Little Italy

At first glance, Celebrazione Little Italy San Diego created by artist Catherine Becker, draws one in by the vibrant colors and its animated and whimsical forms.

Take a closer look. Celebrazione is full of life and rich culture. It depicts the history of our entrepreneurial spirit; the story of Little Italy.

Young Italian families settling Downtown’s Little Italy neighborhood and creating an industry that provided employment opportunities vital for the very survival of our community.

Continuing the theme of celebrating Little Italy’s history, Catherine delved into “how it all began, what the people lived like, and how they created the community.”

The mural was recently mounted at the I-5 South freeway entrance on the corner of Grape and State. –Guest Writer Linda Mullen

Corner Color


Corner Color

Little Italy is about to be made, if possible, more beautiful.

Throughout the month of November, street pots containing an attractive variety of plants and flowers will be placed on various corners throughout the neighborhood.

There will be three pots per corner, starting on the north corners of Beech and extending to all four corners of Date and Cedar.

The general concept is to improve the public right-of-ways and make it feel more like a neighborhood, as full of life as the residents within it. When people walk or drive through Little Italy, they should be left with an impression of beauty. -Feature writer Molly Maslak

Eredita Italiana  - Art Mural 2004 Corner of Juniper &  India

Four Community Murals

North side of Fir between India & Kettner. Due to new construction, mural may no longer be visible.

Guardian of the Waters In front of County Administration Building on Harbor Dr
I Pescatori - Art Mural 2003 West side of India between Ivy & Juniper
Little Italy sign India between Cedar & Date
Little Italy's past -  Art Walk 2001 Northwest corner of India & Fir
Piazza Basilone Fir & India
Recipe for Friendship

Recipe for Friendship

In Amici Park on Date between State & Union

The Immigrants Union & F St
Urban Trees Along waterfront esplanade on Harbor Drive between Hawthorn & Laurel
Whaling Wall San Diego National Bank Building


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Where we Explorer

Firehouse Museum 1572 Columbia
Maritime Museum (Berkeley, Star of India et al) 1306 North Harbor


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