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Sandra Simmons

Life in the City

-by Sandra Simmons


There are no days in life so memorable as those which vibrated to some stroke of the imagination. - Ralph Waldo Emerson

People who shape their lives vibrating with imagination and creativity are drawn to cosmopolitan areas. It’s a lifestyle choice, their need to be part of a fluid environment.

They’re seeking out a place of tolerance with a strong preference for individuality and self-expression. Their appearance screams “free-spirited individualist.”

They’re searching for a place of diversity, a place with kindred spirits to feel relaxed and comfortable with, as well as others unlike them to trade views with to ignite their imagination.

They’re on the hunt for excitement and energy, with challenging work and activities requiring thought and problem solving skills. They’re ahead of the power curve, anticipating what will be needed next, driven from within by challenge and enjoyment.

They desire flexibility, long work hours followed by flexible off times. Exceptional ways to unwind at unique times spark their creative being, perhaps taking a long walk along the water’s edge or one of our urban trails during a lunch hour, a late evening supper, a mid-afternoon massage, a nap.

They want more out of life, a community filled with enough activities and opportunities to keep their imaginative and creative passion kindled. Vibrant street life filled with cozy cafes, trendy bistros, small galleries, and unique specialty stores.

They want to converse about art and architecture, wine and microbrew beers, provocative emerging performing art, and premier Tony-award winning theater.

What lies within the imagination of our creative class? What prospects will they create for us here? Creative vibrancy is the path of our community’s future, the sparking of new ideas and opportunities. Using the creative class’s collective imagination, how will we turn our neighborhoods into exciting communities?

I wonder...When it comes to creating a community, how creative can the creative be?

Garry Papers (Park Row), Julie Dillon (Horizons), Rob Quigley (Little Italy), Joyce Summers (Discovery) – plan our city.

Mark Manske (Treo@Kettner), Tom Anglewicz (Horizons), Sherm Harmer (City Walk), Russ Haley (CityMark on Cortez Hill) – build our buildings.

Eileen Tansey (Treo@Kettner), Jim Abbott (Meridian), Donna Lutz (doma by CityMark), Brett Schaffter (Park Place) – sell us our homes.

Alison McGrath (City Walk), Jen Shuttleton (Porto Siena), Jimmy DiMatteo (Harbor Club), Mary Pappas (Meridian) – provide our bodies nurturing sustenance.

Jenna Fasack (235 on Market), Marsha Boyle (Marina), Gayleen Nichols (City Walk), Jeannie Oberchain (Village Walk) – vend items they know we can’t live without.

Susan Synder (Park Row), Candice Lopez (East Village), Eli Fernald (Rowhomes on F), Hailey Bakich (Levi Simon Lofts) – stir our souls through visual stimulation.

Becky Wissbaum (CityWalk), Sandy Newton (Treo@Kettner), Barb Sachs (Park Row), Lynda Kirby (Beech Towers) - lighten our day with their smiles.

We are the creative class; we live Downtown. - October 2, 2003

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