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Sandra Simmons

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-by Sandra Simmons


"One way or another I'm gonna win ya. I'm gonna getcha getcha getcha…I will drive past your house.” – sings the musical group Blondie

When G Street was recently resurfaced, residents were given a preview of what their traffic pattern will become once “G” is converted into a one-way eastbound from Pacific Hwy to Front.

One-way streets are confusing, frustrating, and create more traffic for both residents and visitors. A common complaint of people visiting cities is their fear of not knowing the area, getting stuck on a one-way street and becoming lost. Or even worse, turning the wrong way down a one-way.

In addition to being confusing, one-way streets can create more traffic. Instead of taking the direct route to their garages, residents will be forced to circle the block, adding more cars to the streets and creating more traffic.

We all take the path of least resistance. When it becomes a one-way, “G” will turn into an expressway to Hwy 94, creating an increase in not only the quantity of cars, but also their speed.

Want evidence? Stand in front of doma and watch cars zoom by.

So, are you wondering why “G” is being changed? In order to obtain the quiet zone approval at this intersection, one street before and after the tracks needs to be converted to one-way.

Even though BNSF’s consultants have established Kettner to be the problematic street, staff have predetermined that converting “G” fits in with the long-range master plan. They believe this change would have the least negative impact on traffic circulation.

If the Community Plan Update calls for streets surrounding Pantoja Park to be residential, isn’t turning “G” into one-way defeating the purpose? If Kettner is the problematic street, why isn’t it being considered?

I wonder…Is it one-way or is it another?

Residents are the ones who will be affected by this change, and more than a few of them don’t believe this plan is keeping their best interests in mind.

Chris Anderson
(Brickyard) believes the one-way will change the nature of the neighborhood and make it more of a thoroughfare.

A wide one-way street means cars zooming past a park of playing children. We can do better. – Todd Ruth (Pinnacle)

Making “G” one-way is counterproductive; Kettner is the more logical choice. – Roland Sam Malka (Renassiance)

Why inconvenience the people who live here, asks Michael Corr (Park Place). Inconvenience the ones who don’t.

I’ve been told it’s a done deal, and no amount of feedback from Downtowners will change this proverbial train from leaving the station. If we fight the proposal, we could lose our quiet zone, and no one wants that! We’ll just need to get used to circling blocks and the increase in traffic.

What we can do is require narrowing the streets with such traffic calming devices as curb pops, cross walks, and stop signs at each intersection, and diagonal parking from Pacific Hwy to Front. - July 2005

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