Welcome to Viva-city and Downtown San Diego
Sandra Simmons

Life in the City

-by Sandra Simmons

From the end spring new beginnings. Pliny the Elder (23 AD - 79 AD)

With the end of 2005, a new era is beginning. Welcome to 2006 and all that it means for Downtown.

We have a new mayor, a new form of government and, soon, will have a new representative of District 2 on the City Council.

Hopefully, our newly elected decision-makers will be able to effect remedies to their predecessors’ past transgressions.

We have a new Captain and officers at the San Diego Police Department’s Central Division who bring us not only new ideas, but also the willingness to work together to make our community safe.

We have a new CCDC Board Chair, who believes in economic development and a balanced housing plan and, soon, will have two new CCDC Board members.

The newly elected and appointed decision-makers seem to share a commitment to be dedicated contributors to our rapidly evolving Downtown. They share a spirit of cooperation and desire to work together to make our community truly “world class.”

And, soon, our new citywide elected officials will be deciding on a new Community Plan to guide the course of our Downtown redevelopment for some years to come.

Indeed, 2006 is fraught with new beginnings that are indicative of the dawning of a new era that will offer many opportunities. Won’t you take this opportunity to make new neighbors your new friends? To extend a hand to someone in need? To mend old fences? To recommend a solution to make all our lives better? To smile more?

I muse…Doesn’t every moment begin a new beginning?

I asked neighbors what they hope will result from the era just starting, and their responses were illuminating.

Jesse Campanaro
of Park Place is hopeful for the beginning of the renovation of the Historical Old Police Headquarters and adjacent property.

Gary Smith of Park Row hopes that small-minded people avoid picking apart the recommendations for the revised community plan lest we end up with no plan at all.

Richard Walker of Pinnacle Museum Tower has a passion for our Downtown, which he recently made his new home and where he will soon open a gourmet pancake house. He looks forward to playing a part in the goodness of a tight-knit community.

For some of us, beginnings may mean change and change is frightening. For me, all beginnings are hopeful. Let us celebrate and make the most of the beginnings of 2006! Happy New Year! - January 2006

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