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Sandra Simmons

Life in the City

-by Sandra Simmons

One must have chaos in oneself in order to give birth to a dancing star.–Friedrich Nietzsche (1844-1900)

My close friends think I’m a workaholic. I respectfully disagree. I have an unending, unrelenting passion for my calling, not an addiction to work.

Lately, my time has been consumed with “giving birth” to the second edition of City Book – The Directory for Downtowners.

What a difference a year makes! For this second edition, there are many more quaint boutiques, places to grab a latte, and new eateries to write about. Businesses are finally willing to invest in the once vacant street level sites and open neighborhood services.

Because of this, our neighborhoods are slowly taking on their own distinct identities. I felt compelled to tell the story.

Ideas poured through me to the point that time quickened; maddeningly, I was rushed to gel my thoughts together before the omnipresent deadline. Even though there was always more to say, the day arrived, I just had to deliver City Book to the printers.

This year’s edition is enhanced with more neighborhood information, a walk through Little Italy, an event calendar, and even some special dancing stars.

Have you ever given birth to a new idea? Isn’t there a point where chaos seems to overtake your vision, reigning supreme over established order? Through unrelenting passion, doesn’t the underlying order emerge from the apparently random information; just as chaos of particles give way to the birth of a star?

How many shopkeepers giving birth to new business become caught up in the chaos of startup costs and are forced to ignore us, their customers? How long will those businesses shine, expecting and hoping we’ll seek them out? Won’t we gravitate to those willing to invest in reaching out to us?

I consider…Can one dancing star give birth to others?

City Book has become the means of enabling these Downtowners to reach out to their neighbors.

The moment Joseph Anthony Bustamante (Acqua Vista) thumbed through City Book, he knew he wanted to be included. He felt the interesting contents and clever design truly captured the neighborhood atmosphere. He acknowledges feeling a sense of trust from the businesses that advertised.

Colleen K. Cotter (Horizons) uses a unique approach to reach out to Downtowners. She advertises in City Book and produces UrbanEducation seminars. Her seminars cover topics ranging from Feng Shui, maximizing small spaces, living and working Downtown, to market updates and safety.

From the time they opened their first restaurant Downtown, David and Lesley Cohn (Renaissance) knew the urban neighborhood was the place for them. They’ve opened a family of award-winning restaurants. Now they’re offering exclusive promotions and events only to fellow Downtowners. Details are in the upcoming edition of City Book.

Viva-city gave birth to City Book. At least 17,000 Downtowners will peruse through City Book and discover a particle or two.

As I quickly jot down ideas for next year’s book, my chaos begins again. - February 2006

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