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Sandra Simmons

Life in the City

-by Sandra Simmons

Hot town, summer in the city… Doesn't seem to be a shadow… - Lovin’ Spoonful, 1966

Have you received your recent energy bill? The summer of 2006 is breaking records, becoming the hottest summer in the city since the early ’80s.

At least there has been a bit of relief for those who live and work Downtown. We avoided long commutes in air-conditioned cars fueled by record-breaking gasoline prices. During early mornings and late evenings, the breeze traveling over the bay gently floated inside our inviting windows.

Just like a migrating bird, I sense an ever so subtle shift in the smell and feel of the air, signaling the imminent approach of autumn.

As September 22 draws nearer, our days grow just a little darker. On that magical date, the daytime hours will equal the night hours, creating a perfect balance of light and darkness. Life’s energy withdraws and nature settles down for slumber.

Can you feel how the waning energy of the fall season presses you to slow down and gather in? Does it seem to you a precious time to evaluate what you wish to keep and what to discard?

Do you feel the need to clean out your closets? Why not donate the belongings you no longer need to those who would find value with them?

As you slow down, do you find more time on your hands? Why not volunteer at a local non-profit, at a neighborhood high school, or serve on one of your HOA committees?

When you turn on the television, pick up a newspaper, or peruse www.viva-city.info, City News – Hot Topics, do you discover issues that may affect your quality of life? Why not attend a community forum?

As the holiday season approaches, do you feel a desire to celebrate? Why not organize a holiday toy or food drive in your building?

I muse…Why not forget the hot, and give a lot?

Several of our neighboring Downtowners have also felt the approaching autumn season calling them to evaluate and express themselves through their role in our community.

Claudine Scott
(Rowhomes on F Street) feels every Downtowner has a moral obligation to become involved in their community. She believes it helps balance out your life and state of mind. She knows everything comes back full circle, so it’s good karma for the city, and for yourself.

Dominique Cano-Stocco
(El Cortez) believes strongly that if citizens don’t take an active role in their community, they aren’t participating in Downtown’s future. If every resident took that extra step to give just a couple hours a month, they’d be helping quite a few people in the process.

Alexandra Rosa
(Acqua Vista) is passionate about giving back. She finds it offers her a sense of connection in a world that is quickly losing that irreplaceable human connection. She promotes charity events through her radio show Art Rocks!

As the autumn air takes on a renewed crispness, ask the question, “Who am I? Can I be more?” - September 2006

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