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Life in the City

-by Sandra Simmons

Sunsets lost in, Skies of hazy greys, June gloom sets in, Puts me in a daze, Nothing changes, All we do is wait – lyric excerpt from June Gloom by The Like


I miss the early morning sun streaming through my window, warming my face, and gently prodding me to open my eyes. Instead, I wake to a sky colored white. Quickly, I duck beneath the covers hoping when I peek out I’ll find the morning greeting me in a sunnier disposition. But alas, it’s still gloomy.

While lingering, I notice the silence. No cars, no people, not even a breath of air. It’s as though I’ve entered into a Twilight Zone episode.

Moving through the morning, I’m in a daze, almost as though I’ve lost my best friend.

Just before noon, the wind stirs and the light filters ever so slightly down upon the city. As if by coincidence, as the light grows brighter, life seems to come alive.

Laughter emerges from the neighborhood coffee shop, birds–each with their own special melody–begin to sing, and soccer players cheer as a teammate makes a goal.

Cars swish by, bells ring, sirens blare.

During these brief mid-day hours, the sun lures us into thinking all is right with the world.

As softly as a kitten walks, slowly without thought, the dreaded vapor mass blankets us once more. Another pictorial sunset lost.

Does the May gray that gives way to June gloom dampen the sounds of the city? Or, is it us who move more quietly when the sun is hidden behind leaden skies?

I muse…Do the gray days put us in a daze?

Downtowners share their thoughts on the haze.

“When the sky is gray, I begin to notice the different dynamic layers of the city. The grit and grime becomes more apparent, but instead of having a "downer" effect on my spirits, it's as if I embrace and appreciate it,” relates urbanite Kyle Peterson, (Metrome).

Tina VictoryFor Barbara Vezzetti (Park Row), it doesn’t matter if the sun shines or not. She actually has more energy when it’s cooler.

The overcast skies are great for morning runs, but not so much the remainder of the day. “After work, I want to enjoy the great San Diego weather and the cover puts a damper on enjoying the evenings,” laments Tina Victory (Nexus).

“I moved away from Washington DC for a reason. The gloomy weather makes for gloomy personalities!” exclaims Dominique Cano-Stocco (Current/El Cortez)

During our early summer months, the prevailing winds draw cold waters from the north. As the air rises from the colder water, it actually becomes warmer, causing the marine layer that engulfs our coastal community.

Having grown up on the Oregon coast, living under gloomy skies was the norm. I’ve often joked that it wasn’t until moving away to attend college that I realized the sky was actually blue.

The months of May and June remind me of home and not in a good way! Fortunately for me, it only lasts two months. -June 2009

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